Strategy Consulting for Ambitious Amazon Brands.

I help 1P vendors build profitable, effective Amazon businesses that grow their sales long-term.

Bring focus, clarity & direction to your team with my digital retail expertise. Always result-oriented and backed by data-driven advice.

Andrew W Reference

❝ Martin is one of those people who can turn his hand to any task (commercial, program, strategy, execution) and push it through beyond completion. Super pragmatic, analytical and results-focused.

Andrew Wright, Amazon

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Does your Amazon business feel stuck?

  • You don’t know how to grow your sales without increasing your marketing budget.
  • Your rivals get ahead unless you compete on price.
  • You have a better product but nobody seems to notice.
  • You’re unsure how to structure your portfolio on the Amazon marketplace.
  • Your team spends too much time on repetitive tasks.
  • The Amazon account has the highest cost to serve in your business.
  • Short-term issues prevent you from focusing on long-term growth.
  • Your margins are low and you face economic pressure.

If the above sounds familiar, you’re not alone. In fact, most vendors face these frustrating challenges in their partnership with Amazon.

But imagine you could…

Unleash your full business potential

  • Become aware of what sets you apart from your competition and how to market your products effectively.
  • Grow your sales without increasing your costs.
  • Identify the sales channel mix most profitable for your business.
  • Use proven methods to lower your costs and grow your margins.
  • Know which products your customers value.
  • Decrease the time your team spends on tasks of little or no value.
  • Focus on processes that allow you to scale.
  • Define short-term actions that lead to your long-term vision.

Consulting that gets you real-world results.

My consulting program helps business leaders looking to increase their sales and margins online.

If you want a blueprint for ecommerce success that is unique to your business and uses proven, innovative methods that give your team focus, clarity and direction, then get in touch!

How does my consulting process work?

My workflow follows a simple, yet highly effective approach:

  1. We discuss your status quo and the options of a collaboration.
  2. We define the key objectives of our partnership.
  3. The consulting then follows a systematic process to master your challenges and achieve the set goals.

The methodology at a glance

The Flywheel concept builds the foundation of my consulting program. Together we will assess each building block and ensure it is tailored to your ecommerce needs.

The Consulterce consultancy method

How can Amazon consulting help your business?

Strategic ecommerce consulting can help you in many ways, but the value it brings to your business will depend on your unique situation.

The following is a range of what my clients value most:

  • Get clarity and objective feedback on your status quo.
  • Skip the pitfalls and avoid the mistakes others have made.
  • Get data-driven recommendations, tailored to your business.
  • Unlock sales growth without giving up on your margins.
  • Know how to effectively position your products on Amazon.
  • Understand and reduce your costs with profit margin reviews.
  • Get ahead of your competition with advanced pricing and portfolio analyses.
  • Equip your team with the knowledge to compete on the marketplace.
  • Learn how to structure your organisation to keep up with your growth.

Why you want to skip a full-service agency

Working with an Amazon agency is great. They can make your life easier and take a lot of weight off your shoulders.

But when it comes to assessing your ecommerce strategy, you’re better off with someone who doesn’t want to increase your ROAS in exchange for more marketing money.

Instead, you want someone who can objectively look at your business and give you the advice that will change it for the better.

Let an agency handle your marketing, not your business.

Kind words from clients & colleagues

Vinni G Reference

❝ His depth & breadth of ecommerce knowledge across multiple product families has always stood out among both internal and external stakeholders.

Vinni Gosain, Amazon

Founder and Director of Consulterce, Martin Heubel

Who’s writing here, anyway?

Hi, I’m Martin Heubel – founder of Consulterce and ecommerce strategy consultant, based in London, UK.

Prior to being a consultant, I was a Senior Manager at Amazon. I worked with Nestlé, Mondelēz, Mars and many others to turn their digital retail operations into eight-figure businesses.

Today, my mission is to help 1P vendors raise their profit margins with Amazon. I bring over five years of hands-on experience, successfully advising CPG & Household brands master their bottom-line.

If you want to run a more effective and profitable business, we should talk! I can help you with that.