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Meet the founder: Martin Heubel

Hi, I’m Martin Heubel.

As a senior manager at Amazon, I’ve helped hundreds of companies to grow their sales and margins over the past 4+ years.

Consulterce is my personal blog where I help you to achieve the same. Keen to get involved? 

Learn more about my mission →

Kind words from clients & colleagues

Andrew W Reference

❝ Martin is one of those people who can turn his hand to any task (commercial, program, strategy, execution) and push it through beyond completion. Super pragmatic, analytical and results-focused.

Andrew W., Amazon

Ryan D Reference

❝ Martin is a true customer-obsessed future thinker capable of executing within various different category levels in the retail e-commerce space.

Ryan D., Natural Balance Foods

Vinni G Reference

❝ His depth & breadth of e-commerce knowledge across multiple product families has always stood out among both internal and external stakeholders.

Vinni G., Amazon

Overcome your biggest ecommerce challenges

Consulterce offers strategy consulting services that bring clarity and focus to your ecommerce business. So you can expand your growth ambitions at scale.

Laser-focused ecommerce strategies

Today’s ecommerce landscape is more competitive than ever before. Merchants from all over the world compete with low priced offers. The result? Slim margins and disappointed customers.

If you want to take your ecommerce business to the next level, you need more than a bulletproof customer-acquisition and retention strategy.

Why? Because 90% of your long-term success will depend on the quality of an integrated ecommerce strategy.

One that guides you to make the right decisions in every growth stage of your business.

For brands with big ambitions

At Consulterce, we bring clarity, focus and direction to your ecommerce business.

Whether it’s about:

  • Choosing the right ecommerce platform,
  • Restructuring your existing product portfolio,
  • Repositioning your brand to customers,
  • Deciding on market-entry strategies,
  • Increasing your profit margins,
  • etc.

I’ll show you how to make sense of the increasingly complex world of ecommerce.

So you can make well-informed decisions to adapt to emerging market trends. Without giving up on your margins.

Learn how I can help your business and get in touch today!