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The ‘missing piece in the puzzle’ paradox

If you’ve ever wondered: “Is it possible to grow my ecommerce sales without sacrificing my margins?”, then you’re not alone.

And I get it. As a senior manager at Amazon, I’ve heard this question hundreds of times.

It’s more common than you might think that even CEOs of some of the biggest companies in the world don’t know how to effectively grow their business online.

And if their top-selling products in stores like Tesco or Walmart fail to perform on Amazon, eBay & Co, the frustration is HUGE. It often seems that pricey promotions are the only way to get products in front of new customers.

But hold on a second: Wasn’t ecommerce supposed to be the single biggest growth driver in 2020?

Yes it was. And it doesn’t have to be an expensive one.

There is a reason why some companies smash their sales targets, while others struggle to get their ecommerce sales off the ground.

“So what’s the secret sauce?”, you ask?

What it comes down to is not a better product. It’s also not a higher ad budget.

It’s the existence of a laser-focused ecommerce strategy.

Because without it, your sales, distribution and pricing efforts are just separate building blocks that may or may not follow the same objective. Meeting ambitious sales targets quickly becomes a hit and miss scenario if you’re missing the glue that holds it all together.

I call this: ‘The missing piece in the puzzle’ paradox.

About Martin Heubel

My name is Martin Heubel and I am the founder of Consulterce. I started my journey in the ecommerce space back in 2016.

As a full-time manager at Amazon, I have led several product categories and helped hundreds of high-profile companies to increase their ecommerce sales in Europe.

I’ve seen companies of all sizes suffer from the ‘missing piece in the puzzle’ syndrome. So I started Consulterce mainly because I also wanted to help others overcome the number 1 reason that stops them from unleashing their growth potential online.

When I am not working in front of a screen, you can find me exploring the mouth-watering food culture of my London home town. And if you want to know the best place for modern sushi cuisine, drop me a note. You’ll enjoy it for sure! 😉

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