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Conversion Rate Calculator

A quick and easy way to calculate the conversion rate of your product pages or ads.

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A/B Testing Significance Calculator

If you’re doing A/B testing, this calculator is for you. Find out which variation performs better and whether it has a statistical significance.

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PPC Campaign ROI Calculator

Calculate the ROI of your ad campaigns and see how your Cost per Click (CTC) and Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) compare to your break-even. A useful tool for anyone who wants to improve their ad performance.

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ROAS Calculator

Quickly work out the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of your online ads. Simply enter your revenue and ad spend and start improving your campaigns.

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Amazon ACoS Calculator

A simple tool to calculate the Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS) of your ad campaigns. Useful for anyone who wants to understand the true costs of running ads on Amazon.

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Profit Margin Calculator

Do you know the profit margin of your product? If you’d like to review or plan your markup to sell an item at a profit, use my easy to use profit margin calculator.

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