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Want to build a more effective and profitable Amazon business? I offer a wide range of consulting services and helpful resources for business leaders just like you. Please reach out via if you’d like to discuss your project with me.

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Amazon Trade Terms Tracker – £99

A free and simple Excel calculator to evaluate your negotiation results with Amazon. This tracker also estimates the impact of cost reductions and rate increases on your Net PPM.

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Amazon Net PPM Calculator

A fuss-free online calculator to determine the Net Pure Profit Margin (Net PPM) for your Amazon listing.

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Amazon Glossary (A-Z)

A complete glossary of over 160 terms and abbreviations you need to know when selling on Amazon. Never ask your Vendor Manager to explain an acronym again.

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Amazon Profitability White Paper

A handbook for 1P vendors on how to profitably navigate Amazon in times of inflation and rising costs.

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Other Tools & Resources

An overview of my other free resources available to Amazon Vendors:



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