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Amazon Vendor Terms Calculator

An Excel terms tracker to calculate the impact of your investments during annual negotiations with Amazon.

Do complex investment proposals keep you awake at night?

You’re negotiating trade terms with Amazon, but having a hard time keeping track of all the investment proposals going back and forth.

You don’t have a holistic view of your costs to serve Amazon, which makes it difficult to inform your investment decisions.

Multi-market negotiations add to the complexity, especially when trying to assess the Net PPM impact of your retail investments across EU.

What if there was a tool that removed all doubt from your investment decisions?

How much time would you gain if you could easily organise your current terms, Amazon’s asks and plan your investment decisions?

What if you knew exactly how your cost price increases and investments unfold in your Net PPM?

There’s good news:

Calculate the impact of your investments in minutes, not hours!

This Excel calculator allows your teams to quickly get an overview of your costs-to-serve Amazon and inform your investment decisions during annual vendor negotiations.

It’s ideal if you lead complex, cross-market negotiations and are looking for ways to reliably plan your trade investments.

Here’s an overview of all the features:

  • Gain a complete overview of all your trade terms with Amazon 1P.
  • Track Amazon’s investment asks and plan your negotiation response.
  • Calculate the impact of cost increases on your vendor account.
  • Calculate your total cost to serve Amazon.
  • Track your investment decisions across markets, in a single view.
  • Know which investments impact your Net PPM and which don’t.
  • Know how your investments unfold in your Amazon account P&L.
  • Uncover your hidden costs (shortages, chargebacks, advertising, …)
  • Get precise estimations of how investment changes impact your Net PPM.
  • Gain an overview of all your investments as a percentage and dollar value.
  • Add notes to each investment to form your negotiation narrative.

Tracker Preview

You receive both a single market and multi-country tracker, which is ideal if you negotiate across European markets with Amazon 1P.

Preview of the terms calculator (single market view)
Preview of the terms calculator (single market view)
Investment Tracker Zoomed Out
The EU version of the calculator for brands that conduct pan-European negotiations

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