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Amazon Vendor Consulting Services

Are you ready to raise your vendor margins with Amazon? I offer a wide range of consulting services and resources for businesses just like yours. Please email me via if you’d like to discuss your project.

Comprehensive Vendor Audit

Want certainty in your investment decisions with Amazon? Receive detailed insights into the performance of your trade terms, growth and profit margins with precise recommendations on how to optimise your vendor business.

£25,000 · Inquire Now »

Annual Vendor Negotiation Training

Want a blueprint that shows you how to effectively prepare and conduct your annual vendor negotiations with Amazon? I will teach you how to navigate the complex JBP process and achieve the desired results.

£7,500 · Enrol Now »

Benchmarking Diagnostic

Want to compare your vendor performance to industry benchmarks and competitors? Benchmarking Diagnostic measures your business against over 100 data points, supported by dedicated counselling and a proprietary dashboard that lets you keep track of your improvements over time.

£4,000 · Apply Now »

Strategy Consulting Projects

Has your Amazon business turned into a complex distribution channel with unsustainable costs to serve? I offer tailored advice for vendors looking to increase their profits, gain clarity and improve their trade with Amazon.

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About Martin Heubel

Hi, I’m Martin Heubel – founder of Consulterce and ecommerce strategy consultant, based in London, UK.

Prior to being a consultant, I was a Sr. Category Manager at Amazon. I worked with Nestlé, Mondelēz, Mars and many others to turn their digital retail operations into high-performing, eight-figure businesses.

Portrait Martin Heubel, Founder & Director Consulterce

Today, my mission is to help 1P vendors raise their profit margins with Amazon. I bring over nine years of hands-on experience, successfully advising CPG & Household brands master their bottom line.

If you want to run a more effective and profitable business, we should talk! I can help you with that.