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Amazon Vendor Negotiation Training

Want better results from your next vendor negotiation? My training teaches executives proven ways to reach profitable agreements and get their previously ignored asks heard.

The most comprehensive negotiation training for Amazon Vendors.

Does Amazon take all your margin?

You know the drill: Every year Amazon asks for more funding as part of its Annual Vendor Negotiations (AVN). It seems your Vendor Manager has already forgotten about your investments from last year… and the years before.

This leads to several problems:

  • Amazon has the highest cost-to-serve in your business.
  • Increasing the investment will further cut your margins.
  • It is no longer sustainable to invest more every year.
  • Managing your terms has become complex.
  • The strategic partnership has turned into a transactional debate.
  • Your teams struggle to find effective ways to negotiate with Amazon.

What’s more, most advice out there comes from self-proclaimed experts that reflect the outside perspective of an Amazon negotiation.

The problem is: These “experts” have rarely ever negotiated trade terms from start to finish themselves.

But imagine you could…

Access proven negotiation advice for your Amazon business

  • Learn how to navigate annual negotiations without giving up your margin.
  • Reduce the time your teams spend on the JBP process.
  • Grow your sales without increasing your costs.
  • Know how to navigate punitive actions and turn them in your favour.
  • Learn which trade terms create value – and which don’t.
  • Turn your transactional relationship into a strategic partnership.
  • Get advice from someone with 9+ years of negotiation experience across various categories with Amazon.

What’s included?

My AVN training offers the latest negotiation advice for 1P vendors that want to maximise the value from the agreements they reach and close profitable deals.

If you think your negotiations with Amazon could achieve better outcomes, this workshop will show you why and what to do about it.

The Agenda

This training is a ½-day workshop including a 1-hour Q&A to answer any questions your teams may have.

Lesson 1: The State of Amazon
» Understanding Amazon’s post-pandemic profit-focus.
» Implications of Amazon’s channel segmentation for brands.
» Overview of the key trends that will shape vendor relationships in 2024.
» Understanding Amazon’s pricing models and recent Buy Box changes.
» What it really takes to be successful on Amazon in 2024.

Lesson 2: Commercial Implications
» How Amazon earns a profit and the role of vendors in its retail business.
» What KPIs you need to track to assess the performance of your account.
» Clear definition of key profitability metrics (incl. Net PPM).
» How Amazon deals with unprofitable selection.
» How vendors can prevent their selection from being “CRAP’ed”.

Lesson 3: Ways to Win with Amazon
» Amazon’s scalability problem and its effect on vendor relationships.
» How brands can leverage the Amazon Flywheel in their favour.
» Why brands need to proactively own their relationship with Amazon.
» How to profitably manage cross-channel prices with Amazon.
» Why the right portfolio strategies support your annual negotiations.
» How vendors can effectively respond to Amazon’s Pan EU focus.

Lesson 4: Deconstructing the AVN Process
» Understanding the lifecycle stages of Amazon vendors.
» How to coordinate Pan EU negotiations effectively.
» Why you probably negotiate with the wrong stakeholders.
» Detailed breakdown of trade terms and their ROI.
» The role of supply chain programs in annual negotiations.
» How a focused Amazon strategy helps to outperform your competitors.
» How to build strong relationships with Amazon and why they matter.

Lesson 5: How to Master the Amazon AVN
» The principles of successful Amazon negotiations.
» How to leverage financial disputes in the negotiation process.
» Which metrics to obsess about when making investment decisions.
» How to unlock the hidden negotiation levers in your AVN.
» How to position your asks during the kick-off meeting.
» Understanding the tactics Amazon uses to negotiate.
» How to successfully increase cost prices with Amazon.
» How vendors can create a balance of power during AVNs.
» How to get Vendor Managers to recognise your Retail Media investments.
» How to embrace escalations and turn them to your advantage.
» How to close negotiations profitably.

Bonus: Q&A
» Q&A to answer any of your team’s questions (approx. 1 hour).

Why this AVN training is different

Few Amazon trainings offer so many unique benefits as this one. Here are some of them:

  • This training is delivered face-to-face via Zoom or Teams, it is not automated or recorded.
  • You can invite as many members of your team as you like.
  • You’ll get a copy of the training material after the workshop.
  • The workshop complements the tactical advice from your agency partner.
  • The training was specifically designed for Amazon vendors.
  • It includes a Q&A session to answer any questions your team may have about your particular business case.
  • I have worked through 9 annual negotiation cycles with dozens of SMEs and large multinationals, consistently exceeding negotiation targets by over +200%.


My JBP training offers a ½-day workshop, including a Q&A session. The investment is £7,500 excluding VAT. It is not uncommon for my clients to achieve an ROI of 20-25x after just the Q&A session.

You can apply via the button below. I am currently accepting clients for the 2025 AVN cycle.

Please note that available training slots are extremely limited. Secure yours today!

But don’t take my word for it…


❝ The depth of detail has opened our eyes how to really negotiate with Amazon.

Fabian K.
Global Ecommerce Director


❝ We used to rely on our agency to help us during our JBPs with Amazon. But this training has given us the structure and confidence to ask for more and return to a mutually profitable growth path.

Adam J.
Business owner


❝ Martin’s approach to the workshop was considered, calculated and deliberate – there was a lot of detail, but nothing unnecessary. The structure of the workshop facilitates effective planning as you go along, supported by the Q&A follow-up, and was delivered brilliantly.

NAM of globally leading FMCG brand


❝ ​This workshop enabled us to build a true 360-degree view of the JBP process from the outset and helped lay the foundations to understand how we take a balanced and well-thought approach to future planning with Amazon. The most valuable element of the workshop was the clear and defined structure from start to finish. Particularly the step-by-step elements of the JBP process. This really helped us to understand considerations from Amazon’s perspective, which will enable us to plan for true joint growth plans.

– Josh C.
Senior Digital Channel Manager


❝ ​Martin delivered a fantastic workshop that really helped bring some clarity to a complex customer. Great delivery and strong content – I’d highly recommend the workshop for 1P businesses that have grown significantly and need to scope out how they now need to approach their Amazon business.

Martin was really approachable throughout and we’ve had contact post our session, so clearly maintains an interest in the deliverables from the session.

Alan J.
Business Development Manager


❝ ​We found Martin’s workshop extremely valuable and insightful. He provided actionable information while educating us on areas of the business that were most impactful. Would absolutely recommend it to anyone looking to improve their margins and focus on a profit-oriented strategy.

Yelena Pavlik
Consumer Engagement Director


❝ ​We were looking for some support on Amazon Vendor and we definitely got it from this workshop. Learning how Amazon works and thinks, what their priorities are and how we can use that in our annual negotiations and price increase discussions were important for our Amazon team.

Having the insights from someone who comes from this environment is very useful and allows us to negotiate with Amazon on another level.

We would totally recommend this workshop to new and experienced vendors.

Ivan G.
Head of Digital Sales

About Martin Heubel

Hi, I’m Martin Heubel – founder of Consulterce and ecommerce strategy consultant, based in London, UK.

Prior to being a consultant, I was a Sr. Category Manager at Amazon. I worked with Nestlé, Mondelēz, Mars and many others to turn their digital retail operations into high-performing, eight-figure businesses.

Martin Heubel portrait

Today, my mission is to help 1P vendors raise their profit margins with Amazon. I bring over eight years of hands-on experience, successfully advising CPG & Household brands master their bottom line.

If you want to run a more effective and profitable business, we should talk! I can help you with that.